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Old Louisville in Autumn

Second Street

On Second Street, the homes are a bit smaller than on Third, Fourth and St. James Court, and are the former residences of Louisville's 19th Century merchant class.  One notices a large number of  Romanesque structures,   but the other architectural styles of Old Louisville are also well represented here.  Second Street is known for its trees, the stately trees that shade the avenue during the summer as well as the large number of Bradford Pears that  bring forth a dazzling multitude of white blossoms in early spring.  Second Street today seems to be the street for gardeners.  Although some of the loveliest gardens hide in privacy behind the homes,  many spill out to the street, with ivy, impatiens and even tropical style plantings giving pleasure to those who stroll by.

1300 Block:

Old Louisville, Second Street  An example of those trees that may block the view, especially on a quick drive-by

Old Louisville, Second Street  Cheating a bit...view from 2nd Street down Ormsby to 1st Street

Old Louisville, Second Street  View of 19th Century merchant houisng

Old Louisville, Second Street  Sturdy masonry homes of a solid middle class

Old Louisville, Second Street   Old Louisville, Second Street  2nd Street Gothic and Romansque


1400 Block:

Old Louisville, Second Street  A vacant lot converted into a park and playground

Old Louisville, Second Street  A Romanesque doorway

Old Louisville, Second Street  A bit of patriotism in a shady front garden

Old Louisville, Second Street  More Romanesque houses, 2nd and Burnett

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Belgravia & 4th Street Thumbnails
St. James Court and Central Park Thumbnails

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