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Third Street

Third Street may not be the most famous street in Louisville, but there is no doubt that some of the finest 19th Century mansions of the city line the avenue.   (Until 1918, Third Street was named Third Avenue, thus the liberties with the name that may be found throughout this web site)  This was once the millionaire's row of the city, the homes of the movers and shakers of 100 years ago:  for almost a mile, in a nearly perfect state of preservation.  We would love to show you some of the interiors of these sumptious homes, but so far, only the Culbertson Mansion and the Columbine have web sites that can show you a bit of richness that is typical inside these houses.  Click on any of the thumbnails to see an enlargement or to begin a virtual tour.

The classical Church of Christ Scientist  The Church of Christ Scientist, 3rd and Ormsby

The Ferguson Mansion-Beaux Arts at its finest  The Ferguson mansion - now the Filson Club Historical Society

Mengel Mansion  The former Mengel mansion

A Richardsonian  A classic Richardsonian

Queen Anne tower  Queen Anne Tower near Third and Park, 1300 block

3rd-Park  Near Third and Park, 1300 block

At Third and Park  Near Third and Park, 1300 block (1897 view)

1400 Block of 3rd Street - includes Old Louisville's landmark drywall bucket   1400 block of Third Street, west side  (1897 view)

14003rd2.jpg (72049 bytes)  1400 block of Third Street, east side

14003rd3.jpg (55020 bytes)  1400 block of Third Street, east side

Grabfelder mansion The former Grabfelder mansion, 1400 block

1500 3rd  A grand home with white glazed brick, 1500 block

House  1500house2.jpg (40426 bytes)   Two houses, 1500-1600 block

Porch  An ornate porch, 1700 block

mansard.jpg (44644 bytes)  The "Mansard House" 1800 block

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Belgravia & 4th Street Thumbnails
St. James Court and Central Park Thumbnails

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