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Approx date 1895 1913 1887 1896 1884 1891 1888 1891 1902
(Compilation from Caron's City Directories 1884-1938)


pre-1909 Address present address Year Head of Household occupation or name of business or notes
2001 1601 1895-1919 Fihe, Theo J  Grocer - FiheGrocery
  1920-21 Schneider, Peter  Grocer - Schneider Grocery
  1927-33 Hertlein, Conrad  Grocer - Hertlein Grocery
  2000 Granville Inn Bar & Restaurant
1605 1913 - present Kia Ora Apartments Apartments
2003 1609 1887-88 Simons, Columbus (Lum) L. Simons & Co
  1889-1895 Meehan, Thomas H  
  1897-98 Laub, Victor  
  1897 Levi, Rose Nurse
  1899 Vacant  
  1900 Third Street Primary School  
  1900 Smith, Jefferson [c]  
  1901 Vacant  
  1902 Pryor, Jos  
  1903-11 Cayce, Ridgely Assistant to president, 2nd car acct L H & St Louis RR Co
  1908 Warren, Cary I Broker
  1912-14 Pitt, Ettie  
  1915-19 Snead, Thomas S Sec'y & Treasurer Snead Architectural Iron Wks 10th&Hill
  1920-33 Norton, Frances H widow of W F Norton
2005 1613 1896-1901 Mengel, Clarence R Sec & Treas, CC Mengel Jr & Co lumber, sawmills & planing
  1902 Vacant  
  1903 Cornell, Bull, R F  
  1904 Pirtle, James S Lawyer
  1904 Pirtle, R P Mrs  
  1904 Pirtle, Wm B Solicitor, Louisville Herald
  1905 Bush, W J  
  1906-07 Roche, John E President, Louisville Carriage Co.
  1908-09 Vacant  
  1910-16 Cooper, Emma  
  1917-21 Cooper, Carrie  
  1927 Vacant  
  1933 Vacant  
2007 1615 1884-87 Duncan, Thomas B TB Duncan & Son (both Duncan's, TB Sr & TB Jr)
  1888-97 Various  
  1898-1900 Norman, Abner E President, Norman Lumber Co.
  1901-1903 Russell, Nathaniel B Inspector, Norman Lumber Co.
  1904-05 Various  
      Address not mentioned (new building??)  
    1908-1919 Apartments - Various short term residents Apartments
  1920-33 Rosalee Apartments Apartments
2009 1619 1891-93 Bollinger, Charles J Clerk, Turf Exchange
  1894-96 Swearingen, Embry L President, Kentucky Title Company
  1897 MacLeod, George  
    1898-1907 Tamplet, Harry with Meynell, Mittie C H Tamplett Co.
  1899 Tamplet, Harry  
    1908-1912 Tamplet, Carolyne with Meynell, Mittie  
  1913 Vacant  
  1914-21 Cook, Frank S Frank S Cook & Co Lumber
  1927-33 Stofer, Geo Engineer
2011 1623 1888-1901 Hoertz, Geo &/or Myers, Alexander Alex Meyers & Son Loan Office
  1902 Thixton, John Jr Thixton, Millet & Co.
  1903-06 Vogt, Rudolph F President, Vogt-Applegate Co.
  1907-09 Chase, E H Jr Secretary, E H Chase & Co whiskies
  1910-18 Carter, Andrew P Sec'y & Treasurer Louisville Woolen Mills
  1913-14 Shapinsky, Louis Shapinsky & Rothstein (Abraham) Dry Goods 310-12 W Mkt
  1919 Carter, Emma W  
  1920-27 McGoodwin, Thomas Q Secretary, Standard Oil Co
2013 1625 1893-96 Hoertz, George Sr President, Ohio Valley Press Brick Co
  1897-1901 Myers, Alex Alex Meyers & Son Loan Office
  1907-15 Vogt, Benjamin F Secretary, Vogt-Applegate Co.
  1916 Baerd, R J  
  1916-21 Miller, Wm B  
  1927-33 Robinson, George A Jr Barret, Robinson & Dickey Insurance
2015 1629 1902-10 Myers, Alex Alex Meyers & Son Loan Office
  1911 Vacant  
  1912-present Alexander Apartments Apartments


General Notes:
* Resident occupations or notes have been added if known.  If you can supply more information on these houses or their early residents, we'd love to hear from you.  Email information@oldlouisville.com
*Years marked as "Vacant": can have several explanations or possibilities.  Obviously the house could actually have been vacant, or the family may have been temporarily away during canvassing, the address was between tenants, or the directory made an error (no one home & no one to ask).  In some cases it may indicate a new building awaiting its first residents, or one ready to be demolished to make way for a newer building.
* Many short-term residents (especially renters, boarders or apartment house tenants) have been omitted from this list.  For more complete listings see our History section and look for the appropriate Excel file.
* Grayed out listings:  A building at this address that possibly, probably or definitely no longer exists. 

About the dates:
After 1921, years are sampled 1927, 1933, 1938.  A + sign after a date reminds us that the resident may have also lived at this address before or after these dates.
* 1884 is the earliest date we can easily find records for these buildings.  Any homes noted to be occupied in 1884 are often older than that.  But it should also be kept in mind that an address record may represent more than one building over the years.  For example, a bungalow style house (early 20th C style, usually teens to 30s), is probably a replacement for an earlier building on the same site, especially where the address record goes back several decades before. Click here for a brief guide to house styles
* Years are inclusive.  For example, a resident listed at an address showing1890-1892  was listed in the directory at his address for three years: 1890, 1891 and 1892.

There is no absolute guarantee of the accuracy of this information. 
Addresses in red mean there may be some question as to the matches between pre-1909 and present addresses.  While these are usually correct, further research may be needed.  After 1909, almost all addresses should be correct.
* Errors can often be found in original or secondary source material, and probably we made some along the way as well. 
* Corrections are welcome and deeply appreciated, but please be kind.  Many hundreds of hours of work and quite some expense have gone into researching these compilations, and harsh scolding only discourages further work.


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