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Volume 23, Issue 2
February 2001

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Property Improvement Committee Meeting

The Property Improvement Committee is chaired by Herb Fink and meets on the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Information Center. This committee is composed of anyone who wants to be involved. Any council meeting is an open meeting unless it deals with legal or personnel matters. The by-laws state that all committees must have open membership.

In the broadest sense, the purpose of this committee is to propose and monitor property improvements in the neighborhood. 

Items on the agenda for the January 11th meeting were the water main improvement project in the 7th and Oak area, general discussion regarding Central Park and discussion regarding endorsement of two projects presented to the committee.

Initial mobilization for the Water Main Project begins in late January. The actual construction will commence on February 1 with completion scheduled for June 1, 2001. This project was discussed in depth and a detailed schedule was presented. Herb Fink suggested that people living near the construction area should take measures to secure breakable items within their homes as well as document the state of their property prior to construction. This is a major construction project using pile driving equipment, jackhammers and other large equipment. Regrettably damage can occur and documentation of property prior to construction will help.

Members of the Parks staff were present for general discussion with the group. General maintenance was discussed in depth and the community was encouraged to use City Call for any problems. The annual April Central Park Clean-up was scheduled for April 14th. The Parks Commission is updating the Master Plan and is looking for input from the community. The members present voted to commence the pathway lighting plan with available funds. The group also approved the handrail design presented by Bob Bajandas and the Parks Commission will proceed in obtaining approval from Landmarks. 

Final items on the agenda were the proposed development of 1119 South Brook Street by David Becker and proposed improvements consisting of tree plantings in the 900 block of South First Street. These items were discussed individually and the membership voted to support them.

4 January 2001
TO:                 All in Old Louisville
FROM:            Herb Fink, PIC

Update Water Main Construction
Dumesnil Street, 7th Street, Oak Street Area

Accomplished to date LWC Preconstruction Conference with Contractor
Late January 2001 On-site Mobilization
February 1, 2001 Begin construction
Initial Construction throughout Area
Existing Utilities Location Verification
Existing Sewers Relocation and Adjustments

 48 + 12 Water Main (10 ft. to 14 ft. depth).  Construction to begin in Dumesnil St. and tunnel under existing railroad.
March 1 to 15 Dumesnil and 7th St. intersection
March April 7th Street
April May Oak Street
Completion June 1, 2001
Some roadway improvement work may be necessary after June 1.

Work Shifts --    One (1) 10 hr. Shift per day, Two (2) 10 hr. Shifts per day only when necessary

 Traffic Patterns (Detours) during construction

General Information:  Total Construction Cost -- $ 2 million

Existing 48 water main is over 100 years old.  Within next 5 years the 48 main is to be replaced east on Oak St. and continuing to Lexington Road.

(The above notice was presented at the PIC meeting on January 12, 2001.)


The Old Louisville Journal
Volume 23, Issue 2  February 2001

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Please note: it seems the Old Louisville Information Center changes its hours between 3-6 times a year.  It is not always possible for to keep up with this, so it may be prudent to verify with them before you make a trip.






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