In February 1999, we found our first home.  After walking through what seemed like hundreds of houses in the Highlands, Crescent Hill, St. Matthews neighborhoods and one farm in Spencer County, Mary Beth stopped by an open house at 1339 South Second Street on her way home from school.  We had looked at other homes in Old Louisville, but none were exactly up our alley.  There was either too much renovation to be done, or no yard, or some other disappointing feature.

However, 1339 South Second Street had everything we were looking for:  three bedrooms, an extra room for an office, five fireplaces, a large kitchen, and not much structural renovation to complete.  The house was built in 1893 and has been owned by fourteen different families.  Soon after World War II, it was converted into seven apartments.  Luckily it was restored to a single-family home around 1983.

Our short list of work that has been done since moving includes replacing light fixtures, repainting two rooms, and stripping paint from the woodwork in the guest bedroom and the fireplace in the master bedroom.  The projects on the drawing board include painting and hanging wallpaper in each bedroom, renovating the kitchen, and major landscaping in the backyard.

For those not familiar with the vibrant neighborhood known as Old Louisville, a web site dedicated to the area can be found at  The site contains a wealth of information.

Our plan is to feature pictures of our renovation progress on this page.